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Dr. Posner is well known as a gifted healer. Because of his many years of training in meditation, yoga and as a black belt in the martial arts as well as his mastery of Tai Chi - Chi Kung, he developed a profound level of sensitivity in his hands. He constantly amazes his patients with his ability to magnetize immediately to the problem areas in his patients body and he then delivers a gentle precise adjustment to the problem areas removing their blockages.

As the stressors of daily life accumulate, they have a detrimental impact on your health in many ways you may or may not realize. Those nagging aches and pains in our bodies can be traced to nervous system interference and joint dysfunction. Drawing upon his vast experience, Dr. Posner reflects on the “unique wholeness” of each person and considers how stress damages their overall health and wellbeing. He looks to the brain and nervous system to find the source of their neck, back, shoulder, joint and headache problems and then removes these interferences with pin-point accurate, gentle adjustments. When the structure is balanced and the supporting muscles are relaxed and retrained, the Innate Intelligence of the body does what it does best, which is to heal itself. This differs from conventional medicine, which often just manages the symptoms through medications and does not get to the root of the problem. Dr. Posner’s primary goals are to get his patients out of pain fast and restore them to their normal daily activities, back to doing the things they love. He is dedicated to teaching his patients how to harmonize their emotions, quiet their minds and return to their attunement within, through deep breathing, Chi Kung and meditation practices. This helps to align body, mind and Spirit, thereby producing vibrant health and wellbeing to last a lifetime.

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