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Dr Michael Posner’s Wholistic Wellness Center

22 Wall Street

Huntington, NY 11743


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Looking for a chiropractor in Huntington NY?

Michael Posner’s Expert “Wholistic” Chiropractic Care and KST Practitioner

Dr. Michael Posner has devoted over 40 years in the development and mastery of his extraordinary and successful practice of Chiropractic. Based in Huntington Village since 1983, he consistently meets and surpasses the needs of all who come seeking his expert professional care, which is delivered consistently with compassion and integrity.

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Meet Dr. Michael Posner

Dr. Posner is well known as a gifted healer. Because of his many years of training in meditation, yoga and as a black belt in the martial arts as well as his mastery of Tai Chi - Chi Kung, he developed a profound level of sensitivity in his hands. He constantly amazes his patients with his ability to magnetize immediately to the problem areas in his patients body. Dr. Posner then delivers, with pinpoint accuracy a precise, gentle adjustment, using a precision instrument and/or a hands-on approach. This blend is causing his patients to rave about the results they are experiencing.

Our Huntington NY Chiropractor provides relief to Headaches, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain and More!

At Huntington Chiropractic Wellness, P.C., we promise to relieve neck, back, shoulder and joint pain quickly and restore your wellness with natural solutions for lasting relief!

Are pain medications making you worse? Are you sick and tired of being dragged down from their toxic, negative, futile effects?

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We Have Provided Pain Relief to Huntington NY for Over 30 Years!

Our Proven approach to Pain Relief of Headaches, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain and more.

It’s time to have your hope restored and your headaches, neck, low back and problem areas repaired. Dr. Posner has uniquely blended his modalities together in ways that multiply their benefits and ensure the best possible results in the shortest time period.  Each individually tailored treatment incorporates deep heat, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises and manual traction with a gentle Chiropractic adjustment.  Cranial &TMJ adjustments and abdominal organ massage are given when indicated. Dr. Posner also respects and values your time & strives to minimize office waiting time.

Wholistic Chiropractic Helps You Faster and Gives Lasting Results!

Dr. Posner consistently achieves a high level of wellness by helping his patients to open their minds to his “wholistic” or whole body approach towards healing. He educates his patients on their development of spinal health and good nutrition habits, and coaches them about the benefits of organic foods, pure alkalized water, keeping the balance and free flow of neurological energy, positive thinking, massage therapy, acupuncture, Tai Chi and custom orthotics. All of these are offered at his clinic. Dr. Posner’s patients report getting positive benefits, regardless of whether they use some or all of these incredibly beneficial therapies.  In our office, we regularly hear things like: “Dr. Posner, nobody else was able to help me! I am now so much better! Thank you so much!” He has helped thousands of patients to achieve incredible health through these practices! These successes continue to inspire him to find even new and better ways of educating his patients.

Dr. Posner’s patients are taught how to take responsibility for the creation of their own health and wellbeing. They understand the ongoing need to invest in their own health care, for they realize that health is not a destination, but rather a journey. While many patients initially come in for pain related issues, they eventually realize the fantastic value of functioning at higher and more efficient levels and tell all their friends and loved ones about Chiropractic!

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      Incredible Health and Wellness the Wholistic Way

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STOP IN to see Dr. Posner and RECEIVE a FREE COPY of 'Well Adjusted'

“Dr. Michael Posner clearly teaches you how to become a creator of great health

rather than to be a victim. Well Adjusted is a must read and a blueprint for anyone

who wants practical, easy and effective ways to reduce stress and to take control

of their health.” ~ Grand Master Mantak Chia, Founder of the

Universal Healing Tao System and author of 50 books

Well Adjusted takes you through a journey of self-healing, self-discovery and transformation of mind, body, emotions and spirit. From personal and clinical experience, Dr. Posner shows us that we can change and evolve no matter how unhealthy, weak, uneducated or uninformed we may feel. He delves into the truth about our current health care crisis and what one can do in order to create a happy, healthy and stress free life. He author presents not only philosophical views on Chiropractic and wholistic health but also offers practical and simple ways to live a more authentic life.

You will discover easy and natural methods to eliminate pain, eat healthier, exercise smarter, reduce stress and discover who you really are in the process. His book opens doors that will help empower you to transcend your current state of health and wellbeing regardless of where you may be on your journey.

It is a true inspiration for everyone.

Well Adjusted combines the best of Eastern and Western healing philosophy into a system that eases your pain, helps your body work better, and improves your quality of life. Don’t settle for less than glowing, vibrant health and wellness—vitality awaits you, do what Dr. Posner says.”

~ Dr. Dennis Perman, co-founder of The Masters Circle

“A wonderful guide that you can use to enhance your personal path

towards optimum health and wellness!”  ~ Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN AHG AHN-BC

The Natural Nurse™, Lecturer and author of 8 wellness books