Koren Specific Technique (KST):

KST, developed by Dr. Ted Koren, is my current technique of choice. It applies a unique system of analysis that is performed using the “Occipital Drop,” (OD), which accesses the body’s inherent innate wisdom. The body provides this information in response to systematic yes/no questions, alerting the doctor where to adjust and in which order of priority.

KST gives skilled practitioners the ability to retrieve “blueprint” information about the “whole physiology” or the gamut of their patients various health problems that are usually only detectable through x-rays, MRI’s, technological diagnostic equipment or other analytic means. KST uncovers the cause of the problem and does not just focus on the present symptom as it unravels and retraces the past events that led to the current condition.

In practicing KST, Dr. Posner uses a revolutionary, low force Instrument called the “Arthrostim™” which has a profound healing effect on the brain and nervous system because of the precise degree of specificity that it delivers. The Arthrostim™ does this by providing a series of rapid, controlled, non-invasive thrusts which impart a “gentle, non-cracking” type of adjustment that can be administered painlessly to patients of all ages and infirmities. The beauty of its high speed capabilities combined with the subtlety of its thrusts essentially produces deep penetration into soft tissues. This means that the discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and glands can all be adjusted in addition to the cranial and facial bones, the spine, coccyx, pelvis, ribs and all of the extremities. KST chiropractic fits perfectly into Dr. Posner’s wholistic philosophy as it treats the whole person.

A Diverse Range of Treatment Modalities:

Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremity (arms and legs).

Trigger point massage

Lymphatic flushing

Specific nutritional supplementation

Detoxification supplementation

Massage for pain and stiffness

Therapeutic exercises to increase ranges of motion and to strengthen weak muscles.

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