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My name is Carol and Dr. Posner saved me from surgery. I was having severe headaches and neck pain. To turn my neck to the right was painful and it was difficult to drive. The surgeon wanted me to have experimental injections in my brain and physical therapy for 6 weeks. If that didn’t help alleviate the pain they wanted to cut my nerve endings and fuse my spine. Doc started adjusting me, what he said was a soft tissue adjustment. He treated me 3 times a week for 4 weeks and every day I was in less pain and had more movement. Then he went to 2 times a week for 2 weeks. Now, 7 years later, I see him for maintenance. No more headaches. I can move and turn my neck. He saved me and changed my whole life. I used to be sick with colds and flu. With his adjustments and nutrition I have not been sick for the past 5 years. He is an amazing healer. Chiropractic is something that can change everyone’s life for the better.

-Carol E.

I initially started seeing Dr. Posner for my neck and TMJ tension and pain. After seeing him regularly for my issues, the clicking, popping and misalignment of my jaw greatly diminished.   I am able to live day to day without the discomfort and pain, which affected my life tremendously. My mood is elevated daily from being pain free and it’s all due to the great, effective adjustments from Dr. Posner.

-Hillary F.

Dr. Posner is wonderful! When I first started coming to him I had such pain in my mid and upper back and Dr. Posner was able to alleviate it in just a few visits. He is a wonderful doctor with a vast amount of knowledge in Wholistic Wellness. I truly feel healthier after coming to see him- a real rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. The staff in the office is so kind and accommodating and is a real pleasure to see.

-Carrie M.

Dr. Posner is a kind, caring and compassionate man, He made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I have been to physical therapy and pain management doctors with no relief. He was able to get my back in alignment. Not only did my back pain go away but also my neck pain and headaches stopped. I am so grateful for the care I receive from Dr. Posner. Now I go to Doc for maintenance visits. Thank you Dr. Posner!

-Celeste R.

My name is Frank and I’d like to tell you a short story on how I met Dr. Posner. I was rear-ended in a car accident. I hurt my neck, shoulder and back. When I first saw Lois Posner, she took the time to do testing and explained to me what exactly happened when I was rear ended by a car. My whole friendly experience with the staff was extremely satisfying. Dr. Posner has been working with me 3 times a week and I am feeling better all the time. My normal activities are starting to come back, not 100% yet but much better. I am starting to sleep, move and work much more. I finally feel like moving again. Thanks to Lois and Dr. Posner for being so nice and caring.

-Frank F.

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